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The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

1-Day Containerization using Docker

Course description

Most people are familiar with Virtual Machines (VM). A VM is a program that runs like a separate computer within a computer. A physical computer can run multiple VMs, allowing it the ability to emulate different operating systems all running at the same time. VMs allow developers to run their apps in a totally isolated environment, ensuring that their apps would be able to run without problems regardless of the configurations of the host computer.

A Docker container works very much like a VM. However, a Docker container does not require a full instance of the OS (which is needed by a VM). And unlike a VM, a Docker container shares the host system’s kernel with other containers, and it offers OS-level virtualization.

In this one-day course, you will experience Docker hands-on. You will learn how to create Docker containers from Docker Images hosted on the Docker Hub. You will also learn how to create your own Docker Image for your own development purposes.



  • What is Docker?
  • Getting Docker
    –  Installing the Docker Desktop on your
    –  Downloading Docker Images from the
    Docker Hub
    –  Creating a Container out of a Docker
  • Docker Administration
    – Managing Docker images and containers
    – Building your own Docker Images
  • Deploying Apps using Docker
    – Using Python with Docker
    – Using MySQL in Docker
    – Mounting Volumes in Docker
    – Customizing Docker Images


  • Knowledge of basic UNIX commands
  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts


  • Mac / Windows laptop


  • Docker Desktop

Course details

Duration: 1 day

Course price

Early bird price: 349 Eur + VAT
Standard price: 399 Eur + VAT (changes 2 weeks before)

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