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The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

Advanced Angular: Architecture

Course description

In this advanced 3-day training you will learn everything for your large and long-term maintainable Angular-based corporate and industrial applications.

  • Structure with monorepos and micro front ends
  • Reactive architectures with RxJS
  • State management patterns with NGRX
  • Performance tuning of large applications
  • Web Components with Angular Elements
  • The latest Angular features and Ivy
  • and more!

The exercises gradually result in an application that you can use for your own projects at the end of the workshop.


  • Structure for large applications: monorepos and microfrontends
    • Plan architectures with Domain Driven Design (DDD)
    • CLI Workspaces and Monorepos with Nx (Nrwl Extensions)
    • Develop and distribute reusable npm packages
    • Customizable libraries with advanced DI patterns and content projection
    • Microfrontends with Angular
    • The open / closed principle in Angular
  • Modern Architectures with Ivy and Angular Elements
    • Web Components with Ivy and Angular Elements
    • Generate components at runtime
    • Dynamic loading of components
    • Zone-less change detection
    • Higher Order Components
    • A future without NgModules
    • Micro apps with web components and alternatives
    • Enforce architectural constraints
  • State Management Patterns
    • The state layer and DDD
    • Use the Redux approach with NGRX
    • Generate building blocks with schematics
    • Manage entities with @ ngrx / entities
    • Practical handling of immutables
    • Facades as the linchpin
    • NGRX: when, when not and alternatives?
    • NGRX and lazy loading of modules
  • Performance Tuning
    • Lazy loding with and without a router
    • Data binding performance with OnPush
    • Tree-Shakables Providers
    • Differential serving
    • AOT and tree shaking
    • Serverside rendering
    • Progressive web apps and service worker caching
    • Web worker and the CLI
  • Customization and White Label Solutions
    • Customizations at runtime
    • Customer-specific adaptations to Compiletime
    • Adjustments via DI
    • Configuration options
  • Modern Security Solutions and Single Sign-on
    • Connect existing identity solutions such as Active Directory
    • Social login (login with Facebook etc.)
    • OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
    • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
    • Token refresh
    • Single sign out
    • Current recommendations of the OAuth 2 Working Group and consequences
  • Reactive Architectures
    • Reactive thinking and reactive design
    • Chaining / piping of operators
    • Higher-order observables
    • Implicit and explicit closing
    • Cold and hot observables
    • Use subjects
    • Error handling
    • Debugging
    • The new @ ngrx / component
  • Cross Cutting Concerns
    • Protect routes with guards
    • Global alerts
    • Process queries and responses globally with HttpInterceptors
    • Directives for Cross Cutting Concerns
    • Global error handling
    • Router events
  • Internationalization
    • I18N pipes
    • Translations with the Angular Compiler (Runtime I18N)
    • Translations with ngx-translate
    • I18N and inputs


Course details

Duration: 3 days
Location: Online
Type: Angular

Course price

Early bird price: 1047 Eur + VAT
Standard price: 1197 Eur + VAT (Changes 2 weeks before)

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