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The brainiest courses
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Advanced React

Course description

Already experienced with React? In this workshop we’ll deepdive into more advanced React features such as Suspense, State-management with Context and Hooks, and testing with React Testing Library. This workshop is suited for developers with at least 1 year of experience working with React, that already know features like routing and data fetching in React.

The workshop will consist of both lectures and assignments, which you can work on in pairs. For this the advanced React features will be used and you’ll hands-on learn how to handle them.


  • State-management
  • Context
  • Hooks
  • Suspense (code splitting)
  • Testing (testing-library)


  • A computer with node and npm installed
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • >1 years React experience
– 26

Course details

Time: 13:00-17:00 (GMT +2:00)
Duration: 2 days by 4h each
Location: Online
Type: JavaScript, React

Course price

Early bird price: 349 Eur + VAT
Standard price: 399 Eur + VAT (Changes 2 weeks before)

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