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The brainiest courses
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Databricks training and consulting

Course description

Unlock the Full Potential of Databricks with Our Expert Consulting Services

Welcome to a world of seamless data processing and advanced analytics with Databricks – the unified analytics platform powered by Apache Spark.
We offer on-demand, personalized training and consulting services designed to meet your unique Databricks needs. Our live trainers bring expertise directly to you, ensuring a tailored and immersive learning experience.

Why Choose Our Databricks Consulting Services?

New Instance Setup: Establish your Databricks instance with confidence. We ensure optimal configuration and provide tailored training sessions based on your specific requirements.
Migration Support: Navigate data migration effortlessly with our expert guidance, ensuring a smooth transition to Databricks.
Workspace Optimization: Enhance existing workspaces through our support, optimizing costs and improving overall operational efficiency.
Specialized Expertise:
Troubleshooting: Resolve challenges and technical issues in your Databricks implementation.
Advanced Analytics: Implement sophisticated analytics and machine learning solutions.
Integration: Seamlessly integrate Databricks with other technologies for a cohesive data processing infrastructure.

Here is an overview of the training content successfully delivered to our client:

– Roles: DE DA DS
– Databricks Intro
– Data Pipelines
– Files Types
Databricks Ecosystem
– Components: Clusters, Notebooks, Repos, etc.
– DBFS (Databricks File System)
– Workflows
– SQL Analytics Workspace
– Cost
Mastering SQL
– Tables and Views
– Transient Tables
– Primary and Foreign Keys
– Subqueries and CTEs
– Window Functions
Data Warehousing
– DWH Fundamentals
– Data Modeling (Data Types – Star Schema – Data Layers)
Databricks New Features
– MLflow
– AI Assistant
– Workflows
– Databricks SQL – Alerting, Querying, etc.
– Others
– Databricks Azure (Specifics on MS Platform)
– Delta Lake
– ACID Transactions
– Time Travel
– Schema Evolution
– Performance Optimizations
Databricks Unity Catalog
– Introduction to Unity Catalog
– Unity Catalog Set-up – Prerequisites
– Understanding Unity Catalog Components
– Accessing External Data Lake Overview
– Lakehouse Setup and Configuration
– Data Management and Access Control
Delta Live Tables and DBT Overview
– Introduction
– Managing DLT Pipelines
– When to Use DBT vs DLT
Apache Spark
– Overview
– In-memory Processing
– Architecture
– Transformations and Actions
– RDDs and Shared Variables
– Dataframe and Dataset APIs
– Partitioning and Bucketing
Real-Time Processing
– Spark Streaming
– Kafka
Cost and Platform Best Practices
– Mistakes to Avoid
– Vacuuming and Optimizing
Data Project Setup
– Project Structure
– Code Structure
– Testing
– Documentation
– Containerization
– DBT Detailed
– Databricks API
– Airflow

Embark on your Databricks journey with confidence. Let us be your guide to unlocking the full potential of this powerful analytics platform.

Course details

Duration: 1-5 days
Location: Online or on-site
Type: DevOps, Docker

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