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The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

Intro in Kubernetes for Developers

Course description

Whether it’s a normal workday or Black Friday, service-oriented applications must be able to handle varying loads. This is the only way to ensure that users are provided a good experience and costs are kept to a minimum.

How can an application respond to this varying load? What do I need to consider as the technical manager of a software solution to be prepared for the future?

In this course, learn how Kubernetes works and how to run your software with the help of Docker and Helm harts. This knowledge will be imparted with a combination of theory and hands-on exercises.


  • Introduction to Docker
  • How Kubernetes works
  • Introduction to Helm
  • Creating an application which will be deployed to the Kubernetes
  • Cluster using Helm charts
  • Plenty of practice time to deepen the understanding of the previously learned technologies


  • Participants will learn how to use Docker containers, how Kubernetes works, and how software is deployed using Helm charts.
  • This course provides enough basic knowledge to enable participants to independently use the tools presented and to further deepen their knowledge in self-study.

Target audience

  • Software Testers
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Systems Engineer
  • IT Operations
  • DevOps Managers
  • Test Designer
  • Test Manager
  • Quality Manager

Course details

Duration: 2 days
Location: Online

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