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The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

Java Modules: the Why and How to Modularize Java Applications

Course description

Modules in Java were introduced after decades of effort in Java 9. As we migrate to newer versions of Java, we often wonder when and why we should use modules, what problems they solve, how to make use of them, what are the problems we should be prepared to tackle, and the questions continue.

In this hands on workshop we will answer those and other questions related to modularizing Java applications. Learn the why, what, and how at a deeply technical level and get ready to devise your migrate strategy.


  • From legacy code to modules
  • Behavior, rules, restrictions imposed by modules
  • Interacting between modules and with legacy code
  • Transitioning from legacy to modules
  • Making use of ServiceLoader

You will learn to:

  • Why and how to use modules
  • The benefits and gotchas of migrating
  • How to incrementally transition to modules
  • How to test modularized code
  • Different options and when to use them

Target audience

  • Java programmers
  • Team leaders
  • Architects
  • Technical managers

Course details

Duration: 2 days by 4h each
Location: Online
Type: Java

Course price

Early bird price: 399 Eur + VAT
Standard price: 449 Eur + VAT (Changes 2 weeks before)

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