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The brainiest courses
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State-Management in React With Context and Hooks

Course description

A lot has changed in the world of state management in React the last few years. Where Redux used to be the main library for this, the introduction of the React Context and Hook APIs has shaken things up. No longer do you need external libraries to handle both component and global state in your applications. In this workshop we’ll explore the different approaches to state management in the post-Redux era of React, all based on Hooks!


  • React Hooks
  • Lifecycles in function components
  • Using the Context API
  • Component state vs Global state


  • A computer with node and npm installed
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • React knowledge

Course details

Duration: 2 days by 4h each
Location: Online
Type: JavaScript, React

Course price

Early bird price: 349 Eur + VAT
Standard price: 399 Eur + VAT (Changes 2 weeks before)

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