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The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

december, 2021

2021wed29decAll Dayfri31Angular Essentials(All Day)(GMT+02:00) View in my time Trainer: Manfred Steyer Event Type :Angular

Event Details

In this 3-day training, you will learn from well-known insiders and experts from the very beginning, with many examples, how to successfully develop modern applications with Angular.

  • A continuous case study shows all of Angular’s concepts in the context of a business application
  • Learn best practices for sustainable development
  • A mix of lectures, live coding and many exercises guarantees that it will never be boring
  • Use the post-training case study as a template for your own projects
  • Learn valuable background about the concepts and ideas behind the possibilities of Angular

The course of training at a glance

  • Concepts in TypeScript
    • Object oriented concepts
    • Functional concepts
    • Differences to other languages ​​like C # or JAVA
    • Pitfalls
    • Asynchronous programming
  • Get started with Angular
    • Build an Angular application using the CLI
    • Project structure and conventions
    • A first component
    • Data binding
    • HTTP access
    • Observables and RxJS
  • Services Dependency Injection (DI)
    • Understand the ideas behind DI
    • Provide reusable business logic through services
    • Token and provider
    • Types of providers
    • Hierarchical DI and scopes
    • Tree-shakable provider
  • Components
    • Templates
    • Communication between components
    • Property bindings
    • Event bindings
    • Two-way bindings
    • How data binding works in Angular
    • Cycles and other traps
    • Lifecycle hooks
  • Forms
    • Use template-driven forms
    • Use reactive (imperative) forms
    • Check values with predefined validators
    • Write your own validators
    • Asynchronous validators
    • Multifield validators
  • Angular Modules
    • Understand the Angular modular system
    • Root modules
    • Feature modules
    • Shared modules
    • Core modules
    • Modules and dependency injection
  • Routing
    • Create navigation structures with routing
    • Configure the router
    • Transfer and read out routing parameters
    • Performance optimization with lazy loading
  • Testing
    • Unit tests with Jasmine and Karma
    • End-2-end tests with Jasmine and Protractor
    • Use of dependency injection, mocks and spies to increase testability
    • Integrated auxiliary constructs for testing
    • Test coverage
  • Further Topics
    • RxJS and Observables and Reactive Architectures
    • Performance tuning
    • Authentication
    • State management

About the course

  • Duration – 3 days (the agenda can be tailored to a 1 or 2 day workshop, for more information please contact
  • Standard price – 1047 Eur + VAT (2 weeks before the course, price change to Late bird – 1197 Eur + VAT)
  • Date – to be announced (if you’re interested, please contact
  • Location – online


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december 29 (Wednesday) - 31 (Friday)(GMT+03:00) View in my time


Manfred SteyerTrainer, consultant and programming architect with focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team who writes for O’Reilly, the German Java Magazine, and windows.developer. Regularly speaks at conferences.