The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.

The brainiest courses
for IT brainiacs.



Tore Nestenius is an independent software consultant and trainer based in Helsingborg, Sweden. He has many years of experience helping companies to develop better software.

And he does that by solving problems, educating and inspiring teams all around the world. Tore provides custom training in a wide range of related topics using my own curated material. Everything from beginning C# to advanced software architecture. As a coach, he inspires developer teams by running workshops, giving talks, and providing one-on-one mentoring. Besides coaching, Tore Nestenius frequently does architecture reviews and custom development, mainly on the .NET platform.

Key skills for this trainer:

  • C#
  • .NET Framework
  • .NET, Core
  • .NET 5/6
  • ASP.NET Core
  • SQL Server
  • Web Security
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • CQRS pattern
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Clean architecture
  • Micro Services,
  • Cloud development
  • API development
  • Build and deployment
  • OpenID-Connect
  • OAuth
  • .NET Authentication and authorization

Courses by Tore Nestenius

Duration: 3 full days or 6 half days
Type: .Net, IdentityServer
Duration: 3 days
Type: .Net, IdentityServer, OpenID
Duration: 1 day
Type: Auth0, OpenID
Duration: 2 full days or 4 half days
Type: Git, GitHub